TIP the Scales in Your Favor

The bariatric market is growing?  Are you keeping up?

Are you effectively engaging bariatric patients at every step of their journeys?

See how Wellbe’s Automated Patient Enablement platform can help your practice grow cases, not staff.

Tap the Digital Market

The Opportunity Gap is Growing

Your Patients are Ready

2.4 Million searching for bariatric solutions annually

Bariatric patients are referring themselves

Bariatric Patients using digital tools in their journey

Wellbe Delivers Results

Higher Patient Satisfaction

75%+ Satisfaction

Deeper Program Performance Insight

Higher Patient and Surgical Volumes

13% more consults
25% more surgeries

Efficient Tracking and Support

Zero additional staff

What Wellbe
Customers and Patients have to say

“I find the care package so knowledgeable in getting me started, building towards better health.  The information that CardCard and notebook provides cuts the stress of wondering how to begin.”

“By channeling care events into a coordinated sequence, both patients and providers are much more satisfied as partners in the process”

“The ability to provide education in a way that is meaningful to them is an important part of keeping costs down, improving satisfaction and growing patient volumes”

“I’m pleased with the ability to collect real-time data that enables rapid program modification and boosts patient satisfaction”